About Us

We specialise in the construction, repair and maintenance of Fuel and Chemical Storage Tanks, Product Pipework, Fire Protection Systems and associated general fabrication.

Ewing Construction has completed a wide range of tank and piping system projects in Australia and New Zealand as well as the Pacific Islands. Past projects have included large tank construction and repair at terminals, tank farms, ports and airports, and for petrochemical, chemical, fuel storage, and oil & gas pipeline construction.

All projects are worked on by our team of experienced professionals in close partnership with the customer. We share our expertise and experience with the customer in developing the best solution, opening the way for innovative solutions to be developed.

We have built our reputation through maintaining the highest standards of construction management and workmanship.

Being privately owned and operated means that there is attention to each project from the owner of the business. This involvement from the top ensures everyone in our business knows that the best way to look after the customer is to do the job right!

Detailed material and work records are collected and retained for all projects. Data collected from each project is reviewed and used to continually improve our understanding and management of subsequent projects.

Our History

Ewing Construction was established in 1991 by Managing Director Geoff Ewing and has grown to become a leading contractor in the construction of field erected storage tanks, vessels and piping systems.

This forms the core capabilities of the business today.

Ewing Construction has the capability to undertake this work in a range of carbon and stainless steels, and is experienced in the project management and construction management of projects of all sizes.

Over the years Ewing Construction has built an enviable track record for safety. This record has been maintained over the years by the use of highly trained and skilled staff using modern well maintained equipment whilst delivering projects on time and on budget.

Ewing Construction was built on oil and gas industry experience gained on North Sea Offshore Oil Rigs. This challenging and remote work environment developed the fundamentals of project construction work that forms the core business today.

As the company has grown the range of tank services has expanded to include tank dismantling, moving, modification and repair.


Our experienced staff provide the lead on projects regardless of whether they are in New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands or Papua New Guinea. Our teams are supported by highly skilled industry partners with an equally strong commitment to quality outcomes for the client.

Our focus on cross-skilling ensures we are able to resource projects efficiently and effectively from a core of permanent staff that is readily augmented by key business partners for larger projects.

Ewing Construction has staff from a diverse range of industries such as heavy engineering, shipbuilding, petrochemical processing and the power industry to name a few. This diverse background has brought many innovations to our projects supported by skills gained from extensive trade training and tertiary qualifications in a wide range of engineering and business disciplines.

Each customer has their own approach to achieving project outcomes, and we select our team members to achieve the best result for the client.

About Our Services

Meet Our Team

  • Graeme King

    General Manager BE(Mech), Executive MBA

    Graeme is a very experienced mechanical engineer, project manager and professional business executive with extensive experience in the Mechanical Construction Industry.  35+ years of construction experience across a range of sectors has honed his expertise in contract management, engineering design, construction techniques/methodologies, health & safety, human resources and project delivery. Graeme has developed a particular expertise in mechanical fabrication and the project delivery of bespoke designs in the Petro-Chemical and Process Industries.

  • Geoff Ewing

    Managing Director

    Geoff Ewing began his career in oil and gas with four years on North Sea Oil Rigs. He returned to New Zealand in the early 80’s to work in the gas industry and began moving tanks and constructing fuel pipelines. After completing key contracts for major oil companies he established Ewing Construction in 1991

  • Wayne Hampton

    Senior Project Advisor

    Adviser 35+ years’ experience with oil & gas and heavy engineering. Wayne Hampton developed his engineering, welding and construction knowledge from his trade as a boiler maker. This was built on with major projects welding specialist materials at oil refineries and terminals. Over the years, Wayne has managed significant projects for all the major oil companies in Australia and New Zealand. His extensive knowledge in tank construction, repairs, moving and demolition is highly valued by all clients.

  • Mark Ewing

    Project Manager

    Mark has 15 years experience in Heavy Engineering in the Oil & Gas industry. This began as an apprentice Heavy Fabrication/Welder at Ewing Construction and includes ASME IX pipe welding in both carbon and stainless steels. He has worked on many oil & gas pipeline projects in New Zealand and is experienced in all areas of tank construction, demolition, repair, cleaning, moving and commissioning. Mark has supervised major tank construction projects in NZ & New Caledonia and managed pipeline and tank repair projects in NZ & Australia.

  • Doug Gale

    Project Manager NZCE(Mech), BCom(Manuf Ops), PMP, API653 Inspector

    Doug brings to Ewing Construction 35+ years of design, project engineering and management experience across a number of industries including heavy engineering, defence, precision machining, manufacturing, plant & process, food and refrigeration sectors.

Health & Safety

Our safety systems that go beyond compliance confirm the importance we place on the welfare of our people. Our difference is experience.

Our record speaks for itself. Safety is paramount in an industry where small errors can be catastrophic for workers and very costly to clients. No compromises are allowed here. Our record is exceptional for the industry and we aim to keep it that way.

We have built our reputation through maintaining the highest standards of construction management and workmanship.